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Harp Hearing Care

Harp Hearing Care is the premier hearing health care provider in Calgary with convenient locations throughout Calgary and area. Harp prides itself on providing quality hearing care through exceptional service, products and aftercare. Harp Hearing Care is a provider through the Alberta Aids to Daily Living Program (AADL), Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of National Defence, Federal Health Care Program , Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, BC (WorksafeBC) and Ontario(WSIB) and the Non Insured Benefits Program.  Harp Hearing Care is locally owned and operated by Calgary audiologist, Dr. Sarah Blenkhorn, Doctor of Audiology.

Free Hearing Assessment

Comprehensive hearing assessment conducted in a sound booth, assessing frequencies and speech in quiet and in noise

Hearing Aid Consultations

Recommendations for hearing loss treatment with access to all major hearing aid manufacturers and the latest technology

Custom hearing protection

Custom made earplugs to protect your hearing in a variety of events such as music, a snoring loved one or at the pool

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Harp Hearing Care is the premier hearing health care provider in Calgary with convenient locations throughout Calgary and area.
“The service at Harp Hearing Care is great and the staff are always smiling. It is a pleasure going to the clinic for my appointments and Kathryn is very kind and knowledgeable. I was initially hesitant to start the hearing aid process, but the adjustment was much easier than expected and it has been a worthwhile investment for myself and those I talk to the most. My favourite thing about my hearing aids is that now my wife needs to tell me to turn the football game up …” Eugene W
The hearing aid has opened a whole new world to me.  I am a person who likes to keep busy at many activities.  I keep much more involved in things that are keeping my whole body busy.  I really appreciate the opportunities that are offered.  It gives me reason to pause and count my blessings.  The staff at the office and Dr. Sarah are so cooperate and eager to help in any way.  I am aware and appreciate knowing that Harp is there for me when I need them.  Betty S.
We first started out at a different clinic not knowing that there were accessories we were missing.  These accessories could help with functioning better in a classroom environment. We came to Harp Hearing, and got a second opinion, that changed my daughters learning experience for the best. She has had a hearing aid since kindergarten, now going into grade 2 I didn’t realize the importance of having an FM system in addition to her normal hearing aid that was until her teacher brought it to my attention of how much she has improved since having it added into her daily routine at school. I would highly recommend it to any parent, that wants the best outcome for their child while at school.  Mackenzie P.
Like most seniors, we postponed dealing with our hearing issues before finally following the children’s prodding to “do something about it”. Driving down Elbow Drive one day, we passed Harp Hearing and responded to the warm invitation posted on the curb. It was a very smart decision. We were fitted with state of the art equipment which helped to make the decision to proceed very easy. They are so subtle that most people can’t tell you are wearing them. We have benefited immensely from the superlative and friendly service provided by Dr. Blenkhorn. Her competence was apparent at every turn whether it was in testing, assessment, fitting and adjusting the devices, and most appreciated, her availability for the frequent follow up sessions. It is hard to imagine going back to those hard of hearing days, and most importantly the children and grandchildren love knowing that they are being heard again. It is nice to hear that the birds have mysteriously again returned to the neighbourhood.  Vic and Grace N.